18 marzo 2012

White Antique

Fist of all I changed the URL of the blog from mistrukisyparanoias to nailwish. I hope everyone keeps seeing my updates, please I would be so grateful if you could have a comment so I would know you still receive the updates. I'm planning some big changes to the blog, soon I will explain why... but for now here you have the promised manicure.

I'm late, I know I told you I would try to post last night, but the internet didn't want to work... So here it is the manicure I'm wearing now.

My new nail polish is ESSIE Shine of the times, some say that it's a dupe of Hidden Treasure, I don't know because I don't have Hidden Treasure but I love this nail polish, I have been wanting a nail polish with flakes very long time, and when I saw it at Walgreens I just bought it without thinking it!!

It has a clear base with a lot of flakies. The colours you can see change between yellow and green, mostly you would see reds and greens, but in certain lights you can see the yellow. And if you have a white base you would see blues and purples!!!!!!!

I used Shine of the Times as the base, then I used Isadora's white crackle in the tips, then stamped the thumb and ring finger in white with BM-221.

I hope you liked it!!!

See You Soon!!!!

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