31 agosto 2013

Guest Post: Polished Elegance

Today is here Lisa from Polished Elegance, I discovered her blog not so long ago, but I immediately followed her because I lover her hard work, clean manicures and amazing pictures!! I am sure you will love her too.


Hello! My name is Lisa, and I have my little blog Polished Elegance where I share my adventures in nail polish and nail art. I am so happy to be able to do a guest blog for Helena while she is busy moving, and to my neighbor country no less! I’ve been following her blog for a while and I absolutely love everything she does, and also her creative makeup, it’s so much fun!

I was scratching my head for a few days trying to figure out what to do for this guest post. Then one day, the new polishes I’d ordered from OPI’s San Francisco collection, and my new Cheeky stamping plates dumped into my mail box, on the same day! And I knew I had to use some of these new pretties to create a mani worthy of Helena’s blog ;)

For this mani I applied two coats of OPI – Alcatraz… Rocks on the pinky, two coats of OPI – My Vampire Is Buff on ring and middle, and two coats of OPI – Peace & Love & OPI on my index and thumb.

I applied one coat of Poshé top coat to all nails except pinky, to speed up drying, and when it was dry I stamped on my middle and ring. I stamped using OPI – Peace & Love & OPI and Cheeky jumbo plate #7 – Home Sweet Home. To seal the stamping I applied one more coat of Poshé.

Peace & Love & OPI worked pretty well for stamping actually! It’s not completely opaque as you can see, but that might be because of my stamping skills as well, not just the polish :p It’s a gorgeous shimmery gray duo chrome polish, it shifts to green and pinkish purple and the color shift is pretty visible no matter what kind of light you are in. It also photographed well, so you can easily see the color shift in these pictures, isn’t it pretty?

Alcatraz… Rocks is also from the San Francisco collection, one of the liquid sand polishes, and the only liquid sand I like from that collection. However, it is so incredibly beautiful it weighs up for the two ugly ones I’m not as fond of. In the picture below you can see the glitter sparkle in this polish, and it sparkles like this all the time, even in the shade!

I hope you guys like my mani! And that it’s worthy of being posted here ;) Please do come visit me over at my blog Polished Elegance. I’ll leave you with a couple more pictures of this mani, and thank you so much Helena for letting me spam your blog! ;)

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