These are our most Frequently Asked Questions, if your question isn't here feel free to drop us an email at nailwishblog@gmail.com

Are those your natural nails?
Yes! ^.^

How do you take care of your nails?
I (Helena) am really lazy when it comes to take care of my nails, I just make sure to keep them moisturised (that makes a big difference) and use a base coat every time I paint them. Nat feels the same way about this although she doesn't paint her nails as often.

Are you a professional/nail technician?
No, I am just in love with nail art and polishes (Hel) and Nat finished her studies as a beauty technician, but she is not specialized on nails.

When did you start getting into nail polish?(Hel)
I think I started collecting polish around 2010, before that I had been a nail biter all my life and started painting my nails because it was the only thing that could make me stop.

How much nail polish do you own?(Hel)
My stash is not really big because I can't afford it! Also I usually clean it once a year and get rid of polishes I don't use any more giving them as gifts.
Right now I own around 200 polish bottles.

What topcoat do you use?
We always use Seche Vite Top Coat, but we are on the search of a better one, so if you know one share the love!

How do you paint/clean your nails?
When I started I always followed this Lacquerized post for painting, and this another Laquerized post for the clean up. Now I hardly need to clean after, but when I do I used an angled nail art brush.

Where did you get...?
If you want to know where did we get the items we used on one of our posts you should try reading the full post and look for the links of the products. I usually try to list what I used and leave the links where you can find them, or just email us ;).

What tools do you use for nail art?(Hel)
I use a lot of nail art tools such as glequins, studs, stamping plates... but the items I use most are my nail art brushes set and acrylic paints. My freehand designs are usually done with the smallest of the brushes trimmed following Robin Moses' Tutorial.

What camera/lighting do you use?
I use a Canon IXUS 115 HS to take the pictures.
To get good quality and accurate colour pictures I use a cool white bulb (Stay away from the ones that say warm light!) I usually take my pictures on a small lightbox with a black background.

How do you watermark your pictures?
We use Adobe Photoshop CS6 to edit our pictures and add the watermark, if you want to learn how to do the curved watermark in the manicures you can check this tutorial.

Can I use/share/pin your photos?
See my Image Use page to get all the information about it.

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