13 septiembre 2011

EOS Adult Pink Review and Giveaway!!

This is a review that I've been avoiding for a long time, I don't have a reason but I'm becoming lazier every day... hahaha
Well, I purchased these lenses from Kiwiberry-collection.com As always they were very kind and answered all my questions really quickly. I don't have pictures of the package but it was very well packaged and very secure. They arrived around a month after I ordered them what is noy very fast, but neither very slow.

 I find very dificult to review the lenses because it all depends on if you like natural lenses, or just freak!!, bigger, smaller... so I want to say that this review is just my personal opinion.

Colour 7/10: I like the colour on these lenses. When I was looking for pink lenses I was afraid the colour was too subtle, well this is not what happens with these lenses, the colour is amazingly bright and they are really pink and opaque. The black ring outside the lenses is thing but it's so even that  looks very unnatural. I give them a 7 because they are so bright that I look as a Twilight character with them, to me they are very unnatural and I like natural lenses. I know pink is not a natural colour, but I was looking for something less bright. Anyway  I love going out at night with these lenses, and I like the shade of colour, it's sooo pink!!!

Enlargement 5/10: They are 14mm but compared with my Geo Nudy Golden Blue they are way smaller. You can barely see a diference between the eye that has the lens and the one that hasn't. I don't like big lenses, but if I buy circle lenses I espect some enlargement.

Comfort 10/10: These lenses are amazingly comfortable!!! I have worn them for 6 hours and I know I could wear them the hole day If that wasn't bad for my eyes. My eyes are usually very sensitive with the lenses, they get dry very quickly, but with these lenses it like I was wearing nothing!!

Overall: I really like these lenses, I love the pink colour and how they look on me, but I only wear them with costumes or sometimes to go out at night with heavy makeup, because they are very unnatural. Next time I'll try with something more subtle. ;)

Just one last thing. Noxin from Occasionally Cute is hotsting an incledible giveaway, the prices are 4 pairs of circle lenses, 4 lens cases and 3 face masks. The giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY and everyone can enter!!! For more information just click the image below:

See You Soon!!

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  1. Respuestas
    1. Estas fueron las que use para disfrazarme de vampira pero tambien las he usado para salir de discoteca y es increiblemente divertido ver la cara de la gente!


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