18 noviembre 2010

Dare to Wear Challenge: For AIDS Charity

Alicia, the owner of the blog: Funny Face Beauty usually makes challenges to try new looks and to dare her readers, this is very original, but this month's challenge is special because she and her parents are going to donate their own money to charity for everyone who take part on her Dare to Wear.
In her blog, here, you can read all about the institution where is going to be the money and more information about the challenge... Also reading her you can realise why it is so important... (I think it is). 

I'm taking part with this makeup design because I want to support all the families and people with AID's. This is a terrible desease and there are over 22.4 million adults and children infected with the AIDS virus and hospitals that don't have enough beds for the sick, organizations like Tateni help to ensure that children will not be left with the burden of taking care of their sick parents.

To make my look I thought about something dark, but I didn't want it to be sad, so I looked for some colour with the green and blue. I inspired my look on this picture that Alicia posted on her blog:
And I made my own look, I hope you like it, and more important, I hope you go to Funny Face Beauty and make your own tribal look. My look is made with white eyeliner and face paint, but you can do much more simple looks and help charity. So I encourage you all to go to her blog and participate!!

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