02 septiembre 2013

Guest Post: Spektor's Nails

Hi Everyone!!
I hope you all are having a good Monday! This week we are going to have more amazing guest posts just because I am still with lots of things to do and also I want you to know some of my favourite bloggers! Today is Judith's turn, she is the blogger behind Spektor's Nails and she is so amazing!


I'm Judith from Spektor's Nails and I'm very excited to be a guest blogger for Helena! 
Obviously I wanted this post to be something very special, so I decided to combine the two things that I'm really fussy about at the moment: 

First, that is the Cheeky stamping plate called Viva Mexico (http://www.cheeky-beauty.com/cheeky-new-2013-collection-of-jumbo-nailart-polish-stamp-stamping-manicure-image-plates-accessories-set-kit-nail-art-jumbo-image-plate-1-viva-mexico/), which is such a beautiful plate! Second, that is the technique of making your own nail decals with stamped designs. 

So what I did is stamp three designs of the Viva Mexico plate onto a base of clear nail polish applied onto a plastic bag. Then I filled out the design with acrylic paint and covered it with another coat of clear nail polish. After letting it dry, I removed the nail polish decals with tweezers and applied them one by one onto a wet coat of white nail polish. This took me forever to do, but it was definitely worth the time! It's probably the most colorful design I ever had on my nails! 

Thank you for reading and thank you Helena for having me on your blog! :) 

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  1. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  2. Wow, this was so beautiful that I almost fell out from my chair! Awesome work and fun to find new awesome bloggers :D

  3. I'm just stunned! love this staming although I'm not a great fan of plates.

  4. m encantan te han quedado imprecionantes


  5. The detail is incredible, a job well done!

  6. This are just perfect, gotta try this method. As a mexican I can say congratulations!!

  7. WOW! Would love to see all 10 of these closer up!

  8. Menuda currada de manicura!
    Helena debes estar extasiada con tener en el blog a estas artistas del nail art ♥ aunque bueno, tu no te quedas corta por eso :P

  9. ¡Qué chulas! El diseño con la flor me encanta :)

  10. Guau!!que pasada de manicura, cuanto colorido!!bsts

  11. This is brilliant!
    I have that plate and LOVE it, but this is soooo colourful and vibrant <3


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